Chinese Word: 东西 dōngxī or dōngxi — things, stuff


The Mandarin Chinese word for “Thing”, “Stuff” is 东西 – Dōng xī.

Dōng xī ~ Dōng xi

东 Dōng — East

西 Xī – West

“things” are between the East and West

Here are some examples of how to use this word:

  • 这是我的东西 Zhè shì wǒ de dōngxi – this is my stuff
  • 这是什么东西? Zhè shì shénme dōngxi? – what (thing) is this?
  • 你要吃一点东西吗?Nǐ yào chī yīdiǎn dōngxi ma? – do you want to eat a little something?

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