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In case you use the site and are interested in the creator — Hi, my name is Shawn!

I started learning Mandarin Chinese in 2009, doing language exchanges with Chinese friends of mine from the university close to where I live. I learned Chinese from scratch with no prior knowledge. I started learning at age 21.

I deeply love the Chinese language and never stopped learning. I never actually studied Chinese very formally (with the exception of a few minor courses from universities and online courses), but I rather immerse myself in Chinese culture with TV, friends, and my wife (who is Chinese) and her family (who don’t even speak English!).

(In case you’re worried about the fact that I’ve never studied formally — I guarantee the quality of the Chinese lessons on this site: I check each and every one of them with at least one native speaker of Chinese before creating and publishing them, mistakes are rare but if you see one please tell me and I will correct it)

After a few years of studying and speaking Chinese a lot, I started to get a few students. I’ve taught Chinese to about 6-7 students at various times, depending on their schedule and mine.

I decided to create my YouTube channel back in 2014, and grew it around the idea of “micro-lessons”, small, bite-sized lessons on individual words, and it grew from there. Eventually in 2017 due to technical various difficulties on YouTube and requests from my audience, I grew that out into this website, which includes video, text, and podcast audio.

I have used my Chinese for various public facing events in the past. Among them:

  1. I acted in a Chinese play once, playing a character in an ancient story.
  2. I have spoken publicly in Chinese on various topics, in front of audiences of up to 200 people.
  3. I have participated in the Chinglish bilingual toastmasters club in Sydney where I live.
  4. And finally, I have competed in the Chinese bridge competition (汉语桥比赛 hànyǔ qiáo bǐsài) in Sydney, where I came second in the city. You can see a snippet of this here. I was subsequently invited to go to Beijing to continue the competition with an international team but due to personal circumstances I was unable to attend.

Studying and teaching Chinese is actually a hobby and not a profession of mine. Professionally I have a bachelors degree in computer engineering and I work as a digital marketing specialist specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

If you want to reach out to me, please use the contact me form on this site.

I also have a separate personal blog here and you can see my linkedin here.

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