Why Shawn’s Mando Chinese?

What is the most basic, discrete unit of any language? 

A single word.

What is fluency in a language?

The clear understanding of the meanings of individual words, coupled with knowledge, experience and practice with syntax — the rules of how to combine words to construct sentences, and how particular permutations of words modify the meanings of sentences — this all coupled with speed in recognition.

How do you acquire fluency in a language?

  1. By learning and remembering the meanings of individual words — to the point that your mind reacts immediately upon hearing them (immediate recognition).
  2. And by practising, over and over and over again, how to combine words into various sentences, in order to learn the rules of syntax.

That’s what Shawn’s Mando Chinese is all about — by using micro lessons, we learn the most basic units of language (words) and learn them through examples (sentences) — success in language learning is no more complicated than that.

Where to start?

This site is deigned to help anyone at any level of Mandarin Chinese knowledge to continue learning and practising.

If you have absolutely no prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, then start out at the tones section, after going through that, just dive in to the beginners words section, and take it from there.

If you already speak basic Chinese, start at the beginners words section and work through it until you start to come across words you don’t already know very well, and take it from there.

If you already speak intermediate level Chinese, you’ll find your level somewhere in the intermediate section, practice and take it from there.

And if you speak advanced Chinese, to the advanced section for you!

Keep in mind that the site is constantly under construction — because the Chinese language is huge and micro-lessons take time to create. Although it will never have the entire Chinese language like a dictionary does, it will over time number in the thousands of micro-lessons, focused on more frequently used words first.

If you want to learn more about me, please read the about me page.